One Small Story For A Job Well Done

The International Association Of Heating & Frost Insulation & Asbestos Workers

Made A Decision To Grant Us The Opening Of Local 12A.

We Were Granted The Long Island & New York City Geographic Region.

We Discussed The Problem About Removing Dangerous Material Particularly In The

Area Of New York in That Meeting On March 15, 1993.

In The Necessity The General President, William G. Bernard Named

The First Committee Of Labor Whom Was Given The Certificate Of Affiliation, They Were: Frederick De Martino Carlos Garcia, Walter Garcia, Byung Un Jeong, Antonic Kamenko, Nick Nienstedt, Richard Taylor & Francisco Paco Vega.

True Pioneers Humbled By Responsibility Put This Local On Course

And With Excellent Results Work Was Performed.

On May 18, 1993 In The Marc Ballroom At 27th Union Square West

Between 15th And 16th Street New York City N.Y.

Certificate Of Affiliation (Charter)Was Sealed In Compromise And We Began To Work.

Today We Are A Family Of Hundred That Protect The Lives Of Millions.

We Feel Proud That This Work Was Fulfilled.

Thanks For The Effort Of The General Secretary Treasurer James A. Grogan Who Accomplished The Success Of Local 12A.

One Special Thanks To One Man That Gave His Life For The Success Of Local 12A

Francisco Paco Vega